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Corporate bank account: compare the offers of the best online banks

Business bank accounts are accounts that are designed to serve business needs of their users. They have the common features of personal accounts such as debit cards but also include extra features such as overdraft options. Most banks also charge higher…

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A Secret Revealed: Why Most Traders Fail

The following perspective on (day) trading comes from my many years of experience of active day trading or being the moderator of one of the largest day trading chat rooms on the Internet. One of the biggest problems I see…

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Trading Systems

A trading system consists of a set of rules for viewing markets and making trades. The advantages of trading systems can be hidden when they become associated with trading platforms involving trade order submission and processing. A clarification of their…

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Retirement Is A Scary Proposition If Youre Without A Plan, And Running Out Of Time

Of the 75 million baby boomers nearing retirement today, many are: * Debt Ridden * Severely unprepared for retirement * Under Funded * Without a Strategy This is a very serious problem in a country that we can all remember…

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Investing Online Has Its Rewards: Find Out How To Take Advantage Of Them

Computerized investing. Online investing. Have you taken the next step yet? These days among savvy investors, online investment resources are synonymous with opportunity. The capabilities that we currently have at our fingertips were unavailable just ten years ago. The speed…

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The Realities Of Market Timing

Market timing systems are based on patterns of activity in the past. Every system that you are likely to hear about works well when it is applied to historical data. If it didn’t work historically, you would never hear about…

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Trading For A Living

In part 1 of this article I started to look at the financial implications of giving up the day job to instead start trading full time for a living. There are more than just monetary considerations as we will see…

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Types of Investment

The word ‘investments’ is one that most of us are familiar with hearing in financial context. For many of us, it may make us thing of big business and vasts sums of money, but there’s much to the world of…

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Building The Foundation For Wealth

You wouldn’t build your home on anything less than a solid foundation. Similarly, you can’t build wealth and financial independence without first having sound foundational principles to build upon. I have found that many people are working on wealth building…

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