Computerized investing. Online investing. Have you taken the next step yet? These days among savvy investors, online investment resources are synonymous with opportunity. The capabilities that we currently have at our fingertips were unavailable just ten years ago. The speed at which you can invest with an online broker, along with ease of use (you can trade in your underwear), makes traditional local brokers seem obsolete. More and more people are taking to "active investing" rather than just sticking money in mutual funds recommended by their advisors. This means atypical investors are now taking active roles in their portfolios and seeing greater returns, if they know what they are doing. In order to become an active investor, you must know what you are doing. It is your money we are talking about here. The thing is, once you know that there are ways to net up to 18%+ returns on investments that are hardly more risky than what most people consider safe today (mutual funds, diversification), you can hardly live with yourself by leaving your money in a "safe" 4% fund. I work with people to change their perceptions about what is possible with investing today. The tools available online for investors are simply incredible when you think about the fact that investing news and the latest trends would have to wait to reach you until they were printed and flown to whatever part of the country you live in. Now you can track and trade and get your news up to the minute with online investment resources, many of which are free to use. This is turning former passive traders into active traders over night. There are dangers though, and they all have to do with education. Lack of experience can get you into a whole lot of problems, putting your money and retirement at risk. But a relatively little bit of education can take you places you never thought possible financially. So if you are ready to open those doors and get out of the 2%-4% doldrums you need two things: 1)The education to become a good active investor 2)The right tools to make your job easy and fun, with as little as 2 hours per week investing I have put together a free resource for people wanting to learn more about the tools of online investors. Http:// will get you started. But you will also need education to protect you from the mistakes that a lot of first-time active investors make. And for that education, you can check out my book called "Scientific Wealth Strategies." I guarantee that once you get started with active investing and you start to see returns over 10%, you are going to get hooked like so many others who have become active traders.