The following perspective on (day) trading comes from my many years of experience of active day trading or being the moderator of one of the largest day trading chat rooms on the Internet. One of the biggest problems I see with new traders (and even some old ones) has nothing to do with the software or the broker they are using. Nor is the problem a result of buying too high or selling to low; or not having enough money. The problem isn’t any of those things. It has to do with not having a trading plan. A good trading plan will go a long way towards solving the problems mentioned above. Ted Williams was once asked how he hit the baseball so much better then everyone else. He said he had no idea and that he just went up to the plate and swung at the ball. There has only been one Ted Williams and as great as he was at hitting a baseball, I don’t think he would have made a great day trader with that approach. Most great hitters have an idea what they are going to do every time they step up to the plate. Traders need to know exactly what they expect every time they enter a trade.

The Perfect Mutual Fund

The Perfect Mutual Fund is the one you build yourself! The perfect Mutual Fund you build should have the objective of owning no more than 12 to 15 companies; owning shares in 12 companies would allow the diversity needed to sleep well at night and would provide a cash dividend every week of the year. The 12 companies (with staggered dividend payout dates) in your perfect Mutual Fund should not only provide a cash dividend every week of the year, the companies should also have a historical record of raising their dividends every year for at least the past 8 years (to eliminate risk). The perfect Mutual Fund would have no fees attached, every cent put into the Fund would work toward your return on investment (ROI). There would not be any commission fees, load fees, management fees or advertising fees, and there would be no illegal trading practices, hidden fees abuses or any type of hidden fee. The perfect Mutual Fund would benefit you and your family and no one else.