I have seen it all too often. Online Job seekers sign up for an Business opportunity and a Month or two Later they quit. I have seen some quit the same Day! You need to give your Home Business time to develop. I say this for several reasons. It might take a little time for you to decide what you want to do to make money on the internet. Why? Because most marketers who are new bounce from one business opportunity to the next until they find that “Goose who lays the golden egg”. But did you know you can save a lot of time by researching the business you are interested in and then putting your plan into action on how you are going to make it work First of all the if you have set up some type of advertising, Sometimes it takes a little time for prospects to start seeing your ads. Most Marketer send out a few ads and expect instant signups. It’s not going to happen.

Ways to Increase Cashflow for Small Business Growth

Cashflow Idea No. 1. Use cashflow’ sales checklists. For sales people, get them to ask every single customer to make another add-on purchase with the one they’ve already made. A great way to do this is to have a shopping checklist of what the customer could buy. Cashflow Idea No. 2. Use cashflow payment checklists. For your administration team. Have a checklist of your customers and when their payments are due. Set up reminder e-mails/sms’s/and faxes for each customer to ensure their payment is received on time. Cashflow Idea No. 3. Increase your prices. Most business people are so scared of increasing their prices. Yet when you do you’ll notice a couple of things happen. Firstly, nothing may happen! That’s the ideal. Secondly you may lose a couple of customers, but they’ll typically be the hard ones to deal with. If you increase your prices by 5 or even 10% across the board you’ve got heaps more profitability, and more room to move in giving great service. Cashflow Idea No. 4. Invite your past Customers to buy from you again.