What can you invest in these days?

Investment online guide

Do you have some money that you want to invest? Then this practical guide is for you! Between volatile markets and low returns, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Here you will find answers to your questions and information to invest your money and understand your investment.

Diversifying your investments

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s actually better to diversify your investments so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, diversifying is rather a sign of caution and hindsight in relation to events. You can visit Declaration Impots for further more information.

Managing investment risk

Every investment has its risks!

Risk is the possibility of losing all or part of your investment. Risk refers to uncertainty. Every investment involves a certain amount of risk.

In general, the riskier an investment is, the higher its potential return, and vice versa. The more risk you take, the more your investment is likely to increase in value. On the other hand, the more it can also go down.

Every investor should be well aware of the risk involved in making a particular investment and the aspects on which that risk is based so that it can be reduced or even eradicated. Read our overview of the risks involved in investing and our advice on how to deal with them. You can also visit Compagno Di Banco to learn more about how to manage investment risks.


  • Gaining purchasing power through real estate investment
  • Benefit from a better borrowing capacity
  • The possibility of benefiting from tax advantages
  • Real estate investment is an exponential project
  • There are different types of real estate investments
  • Real estate investment is and will be profitable for a long time


Would you like to make your savings grow, secure your future and leave a strong heritage to your descendants? In that case, making a real estate investment is the way to go!

How to invest in real estate successfully?

  • Determine the provisional budget of your real estate project
  • Do your research, visit a lot and make few proposals.
  • Find the right property
  • Find the best funding means and put together your loan application if needed
  • Sign the contract and do whatever works are needed

Investing in rental property

Real estate can indeed allow you to get rich quickly, provided you know what you are doing. It's definitely one of the main keys to financial independence.

Investing in stock markets

The stock markets are full of opportunities for investors of all levels and provide access to thousands of shares and numerous investment opportunities. In order to buy and sell stocks online, you will need to follow certain rules.

Investing in Bonds

Bonds can be attractive if you need regular income or want to invest your money with less risk and more growth potential than cash. When you buy a bond, you lend money to the company and it pays you interest.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate involves investing in real estate used by companies, such as offices, shopping centres and factories. There is also the potential for capital growth when you resell your property.

Investment types through one's life

Investments by age

20 to 30 years of age: from study to working life

It’s not easy to invest money when you are starting your professional life with a trainee’s salary or when your parents still have to finance your education. Yet you are now of age and therefore responsible. This maturity must be based on the awareness of saving regularly.

30-40 years old: young working people who have settled in

That’s it, you’re really in the business. You’ve started to do your range in the company and you’re really starting to project yourself into the future with the bonus of the arrival of the most beautiful investment in life: “the children”. New issues come into play!

40-50 years: assets in full maturity

You are in the midst of your professional maturity, and retirement is becoming the priority concern. You are at your peak in terms of income and are aware that you are approaching the end of your working life. Your priority is to make an essential point on a pension estimate in order to know the loss of your income afterwards.

Make sure your money is useful!

Just as heritage is built up over time, life is an ascent that must be progressed in stages. At each stage of your life, there are investments to favour and appropriate investment decisions to make. But above all, try to remember this: never let your money sleep, and always make sure you save on a regular basis. Consistency and diversification are the keys to building quality wealth.

The investment strategy is key to your success!

The important thing is to define a precise strategy with different points at each stage of your life. It is necessary to surround yourself by independent and certified E-Business Advisors; each person is different, hence the importance of a personalized wealth analysis.